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Achievement Awards Week 10


In Year 2, the Achievement Award has gone to Amritjot. Amritjot has impressed us by independently explaining the life cycle of a plant. He remembered his writing targets and included adverb of time, conjunctions and the correct punctuation. Well done Amritjot!


Year 3's achiever is Sujay for presenting information in a bar chart to show how land is use in the local area as part of his learning for Topic.


This week we are saying a big well done to Aron who was able to retell the Diwali story of Rama and Sita for his Big Write.


This week in Reception we are congratulating Daniel. Daniel is always showing us his super listening skills and its beginning to show in the progress he is making in Read, Write Inc. He is now reading and writing simple sentences. Keep up the fantastic work. Miss Preene :)


This week in Nursery, our achievement award goes to Dominica. Over the last few weeks, she has impressed us with her fantastic counting to 10. Well done Dominica!


This week, our achievement award in Year 5 goes to Xenia. She showed great imagination in both her Art lesson (where she used her shading skills to draw an insect) and in her PE lesson (where she came up with some great ways to travel across the mat). Well done Xenia!