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Achievement Awards Week 11


In Year 2, the Achievement Award goes to Dhavan. It is evident that Dhavan is practising his time tables and division facts at home as he is passing his Maths shooting stars every week. We are impressed with his determination and perseverance in Maths and it is great to see his confidence grow in this subject. Well done Dhavan!


Year 3's achievement certificate went to Gurjot for making fantastic progress with her phonics and reading.


Well done Koluchi for some outstanding scientific illustration. Keep up the hard work!


Year 5’s achievement award goes to Harmandeep for his hard work in using the correct methods in his maths lessons. Well done Harmandeep!


Congratulations to Avjot, who has been awarded Nursery's Achievement Award. Avjot arrives at Nursery everyday with the biggest smile and always tries his best. Well done Avjot!