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Achievement Awards Week 2


In Year 1 our star of the week is Ioannis. He amazed us with his fantastic maths learning and mental arithmetic. Well done, keep up the good work!


This week we are saying a huge congratulations to Greatness in Reception! Last week Reception were learning about Goldilocks and The Three Bears & in Big Write Greatness was asked to hear, say & write the sounds she could hear in the objects from the story. Greatness worked independently to complete her work! Keep up the fantastic work, from Miss Preene.


Well Done to Hasnan in Year 6, for achieving fantastic results in his baseline SATs tests last week.


In Year 2, the achievement award went to Ava for her fantastic Big Write last week. She created a new character and remembered to include adjectives and repetitive phrases. Well done Ava!


Well done to Agam for fantastic work in Science. He was able to use evidence to explain why the Earth is a sphere.


Congratulations Riyaz, excellent counting to 10!

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