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Art Focus Week

Our theme this year was, ‘Take One Box’, with a focus on developing children’s sculptural thinking and skills. It’s been a week full of imagination, inspiration, and creativity! Across each year group, children read a main book and used it to inspire them to create an amazing piece of cardboard art.

Reception read the book – This is not a box, to create a variety of things such as an aeroplane, castle, car.

Year 1 created aeroplanes out of their boxes and used them as they sung along to a rhyme that they had learnt about an aeroplane.

Year 2 listened to the story, Billy’s Bucket, which gave them the idea to create an underwater aquarium inside their bucket.

Year 3 created a diorama based on their literacy text, ‘The Enchantress of the Sands’.

Year 4 were inspired by their topic work on Ancient Greek and used the story of Pandora’s Box to create their own.

Year 5 made their boxes into dragons after reading a story about a dragon slayer.

Year 6 created a visual world on stage based on their class read called ‘Wonder’.