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Girls Active Awards 2019 - Future Leader

The future leader award is a primary school award which recognises an individual who has helped the teacher and/or mentor to deliver sport and physical activity session. They should also have encouraged others to take part, set a good example, and be passionate and enthusiastic.

Sanjana Chopra, from Graisely Primary in Wolverhampton, has been shortlisted for the Future Leader Girls Active Award.

Not only has her own commitment and passion for sport inspired other girls at school, Sanjana’s ability to coach, encourage and support her classmates has seen her shortlisted for this award.

Whilst sometimes shy, when it comes to taking part in sport her confidence really shines through, her teacher Mr Clarke, who nominated her tells us.

“Sanjana always gives 110% in all sporting activities and sets a good example to others. She often helps to officiate games and helps her fellow students in PE, after school clubs and extra-curricular activities.”

“She is a true credit to herself how she adapts to different situations and inspires those around her, particularly other girls in her class. Sanjana is able to achieve what many professional coaches struggle with and inspires young girls around her to take part in physical activity.”

Having become a strong swimmer through lessons outside of school, she soon began offering coaching and support when her class took part in lessons, demonstrating different techniques and helping the swimming coaches. In netball she helps officiate as well as gives players help with how to play and what they can try to do to improve next time.

It was this attitude to support her peers as well as the teachers in classes which stood out in the shortlisting process.