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At Graiseley Primary School, our vision is to create a place: “Where everybody want to be: everyone is welcome and enjoys success.” Our Maths curriculum has been designed to ensure that ALL our children succeed and make progress from their own, individual starting points. We understand and appreciate that the mathematical journey our children will embark on, will be different for each child. That is why, we have decided to adopt Mathematics Mastery here at Graiseley. 

Mathematics Mastery by Ark Curriculum + is a fully resourced curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. This means that our curriculum is knowledge-rich; discipline-led and logically sequenced; designed to support memory, and supports our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Each lesson is carefully designed to promote the dimensions of depth, which are central to problem solving. These include:

  • Language and communication

  • Conceptual understanding

  • Mathematical thinking. 

The six part lesson structure implements pedagogic principles of the curriculum while allowing teachers to bring the dimensions of depth to the foreground.  While our teachers adapt the lessons to suit the needs of the children, the curriculum continues to be cumulative. The concrete, pictorial and abstract model is evident within daily lessons, allowing our children to deepen their conceptual understanding. 

Maths meetings take place outside of the maths lessons, to provide pupils with the opportunity to rehearse key facts to support their mathematical understanding. 

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