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Aims and Mission Statement

Our Aims

  • To provide a safe, welcoming, stimulating and creative environment for all children, parents and staff, with a strong sense of community and where everyone feels valued

  • To promote good physical and mental health for all children, parents and staff

  • To be inclusive and embrace and celebrate all regardless of age, gender, disability, race, religion or belief

  • To guide and prepare inquisitive, resilient, persevering, collaborative and questioning life-long learners (staff and children) who are confident to share their unique interests and talents

  • To prepare pupils and staff with the necessary skills to thrive and succeed in a technologically advancing world

  • To provide a range of learning experiences which equip all with the skills for life-long learning and success

  • To develop the skills to communicate well and feel confident to ask for help

  • To model and encourage positive attitudes and behaviours

  • To guide and prepare all to enjoy success

  • To have fun!

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